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Coming on board

Post  Zarkov on Thu Apr 01, 2010 1:26 am

I was invited here by a member and it looks like a good place to be.

I started on the RPF about 10 years ago. Moved to ASAP when the RPF became too contentious. Dallied with propcircle and others in the interim. ASAP seemed to REALLY slow down. So, I'm back on RPF mainly because the traffic is so high.

I create paper props mostly, but better than the average Cylon. Main claim to fame is my Time Bandits map which is still available. Received input and critiques from Adam (Mythbusters) Savage on this one and he's a fan.

I am offering replicas of the BSG paper cubits, Time Bandits map, Wizard of Oz Professor Marvel banner url=


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