"Guess who's coming to dinner?"

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"Guess who's coming to dinner?"

Post  Legion on Tue May 25, 2010 10:16 am

I couldn't really think of a title for this thread, so I pulled a Star Trek line.....

My wife and I met Sean (Bobatrek) and his lovely family, April, his wife, and their two kids, Ryan and Emma at TGIFridays for dinner in Orlando last night. For the mercy of the spouses, we kept the BSG chatter to a minimum. Sad

However, it was ironic to find out when Sean's phone rang that we had the same BSG ringtone (C.I.C. ringer) on our phones. I thank Sean again for, unknowingly, convincing me to get the steak, which was superb! The food was great, but the company was far better!



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